Everyone who is a public figure is fair game, though we won’t include children or people whose names are being publicized for nefarious purposes. As a rule of thumb, if a name makes Wikipedia, it’ll probably work for Karma.Buzz.

Though we started with over 13,000 public figures, expanding the database and keeping it up to date is a full-time job, so if you find that someone is missing, please drop us a line on the Suggestions page and we’ll add qualified candidates as quickly as possible (and we’ll drop you a line when they’ve been added!).

Your Display Name and avatar are the only things that show, and you can change those to whatever you like (within reason!).
So, you’re as anonymous as you want to be. Please use good internet hygiene and avoid sharing personal information.

There are three kinds of badges, each with its own number-based levels and titles. Positive and controversial badges are for receiving upvotes and downvotes on comments. Community participation badges are for being active on Karma.buzz in ways that flesh out your profile or reinforce the community. Please see the Badges page for specifics.

Karma isn’t a result of money, fame, or power. It’s the product of kindness, generosity, and sacrifice. In that regard, Karma provides everyone with a level playing field. This idea was the seed for Karma.Buzz. To demonstrate this artistically, all images are abstracted to resemble one another, and the Karma Pantheon (coming soon) is the eventual destination for the finest among us.