Content Policy

The comment sections on Karma.Buzz are designed to be a forum for the sharing of opinions about celebrities, politicians, historical figures, and other notables. We recognize that there will be negative opinions as well as positive ones, and we welcome them. However, we do want Karma.Buzz to be an open and inviting place for people of all ages and backgrounds, and though it should be clear to everyone what kinds of things shouldn’t be said on a public forum, we include the following guidelines for transparency:


  • Express your honest opinions.
  • Engage with others to exchange viewpoints.
  • Contribute to the dialogue with useful facts and links.


  • Threaten anyone.
  • Use personal insults or slurs.
  • Bully, harass, or incite violence.
  • Give or solicit identifying information about yourself or others.
  • Use sexually explicit or obscene language.
  • Post spam of any kind.

When several users flag a comment, we will investigate and respond as objectively as possible, weighing our desire to have an open forum against our need to have a civil one. Ultimately, of course, Sanity Rock Productions reserves the right to remove any account or comment which does not meet its content standards. These standards will be updated as necessary.